Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

We have designed our Privacy Policy as a reflection of our commitment to deliver superior-quality services and equipment, along with utmost sincerity and diligence towards our partners and clients. The Policy helps you understand our methods of gathering, utilizing, and protecting the personal information provided. It also makes you a more aware user who can be the best judge while using our services and products, website, Amazon Alexa Skills, and mobile applications. This statement is subject to review with any changes in the regulations (State and Federal), business practices, technologies, or the customers’ needs.

What Information Do We Collect?

The information collected when you visit our website can be classified into two- personal information and website usage information. While usage information is what our website monitors as you browse through, personal information can only be provided voluntarily by the visitors, on a personal basis.

1. Personal Information You Choose to Provide

When you go for one of our products or services, you may have to disclose information and permission to access further information from different financial institutions and credit services. Here is some personal information we may require:


Email address

Mailing address

Business and home phone number

Credit card number, expiration date, and the card verification number

Other personal information (i.e. mother's maiden name)

Email Information

Apart from the aforesaid information, should you continue to communicate with us via email, your email address, contents of the messages, along with the responses can be retained. The protection and maintenance provided for this electronic information are the same as those of the ones received through phone or mail.

2. Site Use Information

Just like any other commercial website, we use “cookies”, explained in the paragraph below and the Internet server logs. These technologies gather information about the manner and frequency of our website’s usage by any visitors. The collected information may include the pages visited, the time and date of logging on, the duration of visits, the previous, and the next website visited. Our website collects such information on an aggregate basis and does not have any individual implications on, or associations with, you.

Cookies are like an online map of your activities on a web browser. In contemporary browser Softwares, you can find a feature called ‘cookies’ that helps the Web servers to identify the device used to log onto a website. They are small packets of data that your web browser stores on your hard-drive, to remember the information accessed and make the user experience intuitive and simple. They can also make future interactions with other related web pages more streamlined. With a map of user interactions, it becomes easier for a user to browse through a website and fulfill financial transactions online. They help remember the browser a more personalized route to what you may be looking for.

How Do We Use the Information Provided by You?

Personal information is primarily used to complete various business activities, relaying customer service, and informing them of other products and services available with us. From time to time, this information can also be used to make you aware of any vital changes to our website, new products and services and unique offers that we think can be valuable to you. We keep in mind the customary corporate parameters and standards while developing the lists to send you service and product offers. These parameters keep the privacy and security of your personal information intact. Being our customer, you will be provided with the option of expressing your wish not to continue with the above communication and offers. Such an opportunity would arise at least once a year.

How Do We Use Information Collected from Cookies?

We use web server logs and cookies in order to collect information about the different browsing activities on our website. This helps us regularly enhance our site’s experience and our service to the customers. It also helps us in the arrangement and design of our webpages to meet the users’ needs and make them easy-to-use.

Cookies are important in collecting technical and business data. They are a great help in tracking user paths from one webpage to the next on our website. Similarly, web server logs keep a tab on the number of visitors on our website in a given timeframe and assess its traffic-handling capacity.

Although these technologies allow us to send you specific online ads or similar communications, we don’t use them to store any personal information like your email or any form of identification.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

Information Security

We safeguard your personal information by having an information security protocol in place. It involves physical, technical, and administrative controls. Security/encryption software is used to protect your confidential information from destruction, unauthorized changes, access, accidental loss, or disclosure.

Evaluation of Information Protection Practices

The confidentiality, quality, and security of the information we collect are governed by corporate procedures and policies, and we review the practices adopted in our operations and business to ensure compliance with the same.

Employee Access, Training, and Expectations

Our practices, policies, ethical standards, and values are designed to protect the information of the customer. As a part of this commitment towards information protection, our employees are given limited authorization to access, use and disclose confidential user information, and only granted to verified personnel, transactions, and processes.

Communication Opt-Out

Sell Your Computers gives you the option to unsubscribe or opt-out of the services that send you offers directly. The instructions to do so are provided in the emails and can be found at the footer of the message.

What About Legally Compelled Disclosure of Information?

When the law requires certain information to safeguard our legal rights, we may comply by disclosing information. In essence, we may disclose this information whenever compelled by the law.

What About Other Websites Linked to Our Website?

The current policy only describes how we may disclose and use the information based on how you interact with the website. In case there are links on our website redirecting to other sites, these external sites are likely to have their own policies, use, collection, and disclosure practices. It is always advisable to learn more about the privacy policies of these external websites before you choose to share any information with them or accept their offers

Children's Privacy

This website is designed for general users and not intended for children under 13 years of age.

By proceeding to use our website, you declare that you’re 18 years of age or older, and acknowledge that the minimum age to make an account and make purchases of goods and services on our website is at least 18 years. In case we discover the account of a registered user who we find is not at least 18 years old, the associated information will be promptly deleted.

Social Networks

1. Social Community Areas

Our website may be accessed through or connected to sections that allow you to post information publicly, update media content, and communicate with other users. A few such sections can be discussion forums, groups, and merchant and product reviews. Before posting any information in these sections, you are requested to carefully read our Terms of Use. The information you post may be collected, read, and used by anyone with active internet connectivity, including any personal information involved in your posts. Therefore, we advise refraining from posting any personal material on our website’s social community sections.

2. Social Networks

Sell Your Computers makes it easier for you to log in to our website, by using the credentials of select social media platforms. You can refer to the settings and privacy policies of the social networking applications and websites used to log in, to know how some personal information can be shared with us.

You can also link your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc, to your Sell Your Computers account. Once connected and registered through your social media, you can post your recent activities on that platform.

By agreeing to move on with any or all of the above steps, you consent us to access all the different aspects of information available on your social network that you have provided to us to be shared and to utilize it as per the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the social network.

Contact Us; California Privacy Rights and Other Countries

In case of any comments or queries regarding our Privacy Policy or practices, you can reach out to us via postal mail at “ADDRESS”.

You can also write to us at “EMAIL”.

If you are a resident of Canada, you may reserve the right to be given access to your personal information collected by us, and to be informed in writing about our practices and policies concerning the exchange of this information to vendors and businesses outside Canada.

In compliance with Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, residents of the State of California can receive select details regarding the variety and nature of personal information exchanged with certain third parties, by the organizations that have an established business relationship with them, for the purpose of direct marketing of those third parties, during the preceding calendar year.

Particularly, the law states that the companies must notify consumers of the classifications of personal information shared with the third parties, the addresses and names of those third parties, and samples of the kinds of products and services advertised by those third parties. To apply for a copy of the disclosure of information that we provide in compliance with Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, please reach out to us through the address or email mentioned above. Please allow us 30 days to revert to the communication.

If you are a resident of the State of California and have registered to a website where this policy is published, you can request information or content you may have posted to be removed under California Business and Professions Code Section 22581. If you need to request the same, email us at “EMAIL”, describing in detail the particular material. Kindly note that the above request can not guarantee comprehensive and complete removal of the contents posted. Also note that the removal may not occur in circumstances where the law prevents that from happening, even upon request.