Posted on: 30 September 2020

Essential to-do list before disposing of your old computer

Essential to-do list before disposing of your old computer

Do you just throw away your old electronics with regular trash or give it out to a stranger without even performing a factory reset? It is time you stop being carefree about the used electronics and their disposal. You might be attracting a massive number of scammers and frauds with your innocent act. Your personal information like credit card details, tax files, bank account details, business plans, and much more remains under a constant threat if you dispose of your electronics recklessly.

Therefore, we have put together a complete to-do list to perform before disposing of your used electronics and computer. Back things up

When thinking about selling your old computer, ensure saving all your essential files somewhere else before it is too late. You can do this by connecting external hard disks or opting for online storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.

Overwrite sensitive data

Simple deletion of files, using the delete option, is not enough to safeguard your data. You must download some erasure software that meets the government’s standards for safe deletion. You can search online, which software suits your operating system and overwrite the existing files with random data.

Encrypt your data

As a simple solution to avoid scammers, you can always encrypt your data from the start. Without the key to that encryption, the stored data will be nothing more than a random stream of digital codes. Further, you can create various password protected files as an additive measure.

Delete the history

One of the best ways to login to your bank accounts and personal details is through your browser's history. Most of us have a habit of saving passwords on our web browsers, and we tend to forget cleaning them before handing out your computers. It can give all your online accounts’ easy access, so make sure that you clean your browsers’ complete data before selling your computer.

Find about employer’s policy

If you use your personal laptop to complete your office projects on it, you must be sincere about your company’s privacy. Further, your employer may file a lawsuit against you in case of a breach of information. Therefore, it is always suggested that you consult your employer before trashing out your computer.

Damage it permanently

As a final resort to ultimately be sure of saving your personal data from scammers, you can completely destroy your hard drive. You can opt for shredding services and convert them into pieces before throwing away your computer.

Take the help of professionals

Finally, if you are unsure about the measures to take before selling or disposing of your old computer, you can always reach out to professionals like Sell Your Computers. These professionals have years of experience in securely disposing of your electronics. Also, the primary concern of such an organization is the safety of your personal data. You will also receive adequate money for your used computer according to its current conditions.